Fun Diving

Are you bored of the courses and want to try something different? Let’s go freediving without rope along the coral reefs.

We can go to the various beautiful spots around Dahab such as: Lighthouse Reef, Eel Garden, Mashraba Reef, Islands, Canyon, Napoleon Reef, Three Pools, Caves, The Bells, etc.

Benefits of fun diving

Relax and unwind your mind

Recreational freediving (or fun diving) helps to switch your mind from the numbers towards the feelings. When the sea temperature is warm enough it is even possible to dive without wetsuits. It's a really nice and natural feeling when the body contacts water.

Get more awareness of your body

Fun diving is like an underwater game. We play with the buoyancy, the pressure and our body movement under the surface and start to understand the water much better.

Learn to be independent

Fun diving is different from freediving along the line. We don't use the buoy and rope so we should always keep in mind that we don’t have their assistance. Thus we learn how to count on our own abilities. However, remember that fun diving is a complete freediving activity. Always go for fun diving with a buddy and never freedive alone.

Explore and have fun

When we go for a fun dive we are more explorers rather than athletes. The chances to see something interesting underwater are much higher and if we are lucky we can meet a sea turtle or a stingray. Freediving is the most natural way to interact with marine life.

You can join our fun diving activity if you are a certified freediver already or at least took a freediving course before. Any freediving agency / system is sufficient.

Fun Diving
Fun Diving
Fun Diving

Starting from €40 depending on the location of the dive site.

€70 including underwater photo session.

Renting equipment is not included.

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Turtle Freediving Turtle Freediving
Turtle Freediving
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